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Progressive Die Stamping in York, PA

Speed is of the essence when it comes to quality manufacturing. That means you need a partner like K S Tooling, Inc., who specializes in progressive die design in PA. Stamping Die Design allows our operations to work at high rates of speed while maintaining a low cost and reliable production - you'll save on production costs and get to market faster, all due to our progressive die design standards.

Thanks to progressive stamping, we can perform a series of production tasks such as cutting and forming simultaneously during each press stroke, minimizing the time it takes to give you the perfect part. Many companies have found success and savings by using progressive die stamping for complex forms that require materials with multiple or varying thickness.

Get back up and running by adopting progressive stamping and progressive dies. They feature tooling that support a rapid parts replacement commonly found in high-wear production and other processes.

Custom Tooling

Progressive stamping die design for custom tooling - as well as the use of standard progressive stamping - require a commitment to superiority and service. You can experience the satisfaction of highly reliable, top-quality and cost-effective progressive stamping no matter what industry you work in.

K S Tooling, Inc. has the right team and expertise to deliver high-quality progressive dies that are designed, tested, and manufactured to your precise needs and our rigorous standards.

Our work in progressive die manufacturing has delivered precision technology and parts to specialized customers in the medical, automotive, aerospace, electronic, dental and housing markets, among many others.

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Top Engineering

K S Tooling, Inc. engineers work hand-in-hand with die makers to develop tools that can stand the rigors of production but are easy to work with and work on. We can expand this expertise to your progressive stamping and die needs, meeting industry demands with industry-standard software and precision pre-tooling.

Progressive Stamping Die Design

As a customer at K S Tooling, Inc., our progressive die design and stamping development allows you to meet specialized needs for your industry and environment. Proper progressive die design will exceed your complex tooling and production volume needs without sacrificing quality.

Progressive stamping from K S Tooling, Inc. can address a variety of multifaceted factors including orientation, transportation and adjustment, positioning, progressions and overall tool lifetime. With an eye on maintenance concerns and quality, our progressive die and stamping tools can help you experience savings and an increased bottom line.

K S Tooling, Inc. provides products and services for a variety of international and domestic markets across highly complex industries. Our current progressive die stamping industries include:

  • Aerospace / Defense: Cost-effective, high-performance stampings are being used to replace heavy-screw machine parts for the light weight benefits as well as strength and security.

  • Automotive: Connectors and other hardware products are supporting the adoption and development of energy-efficient transmission as well as a full suite of next-generation automotive and hybrid equipment.

  • Construction: The correct products and tooling lead to stronger, more-advanced homes and structures.

  • Consumer Products: We focus on cutting-edge devices and their intricate components.

  • Dental: Involves custom product development to provide consistent quality for labs and patients.
  • Electronics and Interconnections : Our experience and expertise have led to the development of the fastest backplane connector ever.

  • Fiber Optic : Includes smart grid product development and support, as well as new systems for connection to next-generation infrastructure. We have made 60 million+ SFP connectors to date.

Simplicity in Complex Parts

Progressive dies allow our team to craft high-quality tools that can deliver final parts with varying material uses and thickness. Stamping over molded product, in-die assembly, and even multi-strip stamping are considered standard at K S Tooling, Inc. and come as part of our commitment to delivering high-quality dies, tooling and parts every time.

As one of the top tool and die shops in Pennsylvania, K S Tooling, Inc. can design and create the right progressive die to fit your specific needs. No die or tool is too complex and each can be made to fit exactly in your press and run at its desired strokes per minute. This will keep your line smooth and profitable.

Whether you're looking to replace heavy screw machine parts with a more cost-effective and high-performance stamping or you want the guarantee that you're getting the most intricate and stable component possible, look no further than K S Tooling, Inc.

Get to market faster and save money at every step through our process innovation, JIT (just in time) ordering, and production that always includes perpetual maintenance at no additional cost. Whether we're using progressive stamping for your parts and prototypes or developing progressive dies for use in your machinery, you'll get quality-assured products with each order.

Certified Smart

Quality is the foundation of all K S Tooling, Inc. work. We set industry-high standards in progressive die stamping so you'll never have to worry about flaws in dies, tooling or production parts.

By maintaining our ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 certifications, K S Tooling, Inc. is making a public commitment to you and your supply chain partners that you won't be disappointed with our approach to progressive die manufacturing. Our certification list is extensive and includes industry-specific requirements that you're facing. Feel confident about getting the right products that you can instantly add to your products or sales floor by selecting K S Tooling, Inc. as your experienced progressive stamping manufacturing partner.

We're dedicated to providing you with the best progressive die stamping in PA with on-time service every time.

25 Years of Quality Dies

K S Tooling, Inc. has dedicated the past 25 years to serving our customers with the utmost in quality and the lowest cost options. When sending requests for quotation for tool and die and progressive stamping dies in PA, be sure to include K S Tooling, Inc.

Have your needs met with our system's expertise. Count on us for production and progressive stamping die creation using high-strength steels, aluminum, stainless metals and even some of the more fragile components that have a home in your industry.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you with all of your progressive die stamping needs.

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