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At K S Tooling, Inc. we recognize that the speed at which a company can realize a product has a significant impact on the amount of market share it captures. Since developing a product can be a long and costly process we have created several tooling platforms which can be tailored to customer specific requirements.

Our platforms allow you to get to market faster and have a stronger product at the end of the day. Save money and time, and consolidate your partners list by choosing the K S Tooling, Inc. precision metal product development.

Model Shop

Quantities purchased from our Model Shop range from one or two parts to several thousand. Our precision manufacturing process includes WEDM or chemically etched blanks and single hit or multi-slide pneumatic Schmidt presswork. Prototype, test and reach your market segment by using the Model Shop to fine-tune your precision product development.

First to market is our most popular tooling platform. The reason for its success comes as no surprise; it is without exception the most cost-effective, robust tooling platform available for producing quantities ranging from a few thousand to over a billion. This program is offered in several popular sizes to accommodate even the most complex stampings.

Regardless of Order Quantity, you can reduce your costs by utilizing our new product precision manufacturing process.

The savings are generated through requiring only the product specific internal tooling to be purchased. The external carcass items such as Die set and matrix blocks exist as K S Tooling, Inc. assets. The design is completely universal allowing us to combine the inside tooling to the die set for a production order. Consulting with the manufacturer during the precision metal product development phase will typically result in tool cost savings.

FTM Highlights

Speeds in excess of 1500 spm

Raw material thickness from .0015" to .060"

Strip width up to 2.250"

Quantities to > 1 billion

Perpetual maintenance included

Standard and large size available

Unique exit fee keeps tool "Transferable"

Savings to date > $4,000,000.00

$$ 1-10,000 Immediate
FIRST TO MARKET $$$ 5K to >1B Accelerated
$$$$ 5K to >1B Standard

Stand Alone Tool

At K S Tooling, Inc., we understand that certain products are best tooled in a stand alone die. From three plate tools to modules, we have the experience to build the right solution for your challenge.


When you transfer your designs to the innovation professionals at K S Tooling, Inc., you can rest easy knowing we're focused on quality. We rely on a visionary approach to crafting parts and prototyping to ensure the quality and function of every component we make.

Our Model Shop can accommodate your prototypes, special assembly requirements, fixtures and other requirements to deliver the most technologically-innovative goods as possible.

We understand the complexities of precision metal stamping and assembly as well as precision metal product development. Let our knowledge work for you with new product precision manufacturing in Pennsylvania.

Your Product Development

K S Tooling, Inc.,uses a precision metal product development process that ensures effective product launches. You'll be safe with our certified and validated processes that support your product development needs.

You can also ease your mind by handing over your tooling to our expertise in assembly equipment, designs and advanced toolings.

The Zero-Defect Culture

Once you're a part of our First To Market program, you can turn your attention to other important parts of your business. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and a culture that lives and breathes a zero-defect mantra, your parts will be ready and reliable for any market you enter.

Your parts should never delay your product launch. Put K S Tooling, Inc.'s product development services to work for your business. Contact us today to learn more.

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