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International Precision Stamping

Your customers have gone global and you should keep up with them by selecting an international metal stamping company to deliver the best components and products at the best prices. K S Tooling, Inc. is your answer.

Meet all of your international precision metal stamping needs by partnering with us. We'll serve your supply chain and deliver your goods anywhere in the world.

Our leading services include, but are not limited to:

  • First-to-Market tooling platform
  • High speed stamping
  • High-volume capabilities
  • Inline robotic stamping integration
  • Inline vision inspection
  • In-die assembly
  • Multiple strip stamping
  • Reel-to-reel stamping

U.S. Quality With a Global Presence

U.S. precision metal stamping is known throughout the world for quality and consistency, ensuring your supply chain partners that you'll always deliver a great product.

K S Tooling, Inc. is committed to error-free production lines, and we can handle all the sourcing you need to get started. Become more efficient by selecting K S Tooling, Inc. as the top partner for your international precision metal stamping needs.

ISO Certification: The Global Standard

International precision metal stamping uses ISO certification as its universal language, and we're fluent. We are ISO 9001:2008 Certified and ISO/TS 16949:2009 Certified - our commitment to quality and production management is paramount. Don't worry about defects on any shore and use our expertise to reduce waste no matter how far your supply chain reaches.

The latest advances in new product precision manufacturing in the U.S. mean you can enter any new market with the confidence of having great products from day one. Eliminate your concerns and start with a company that has experience in transitioning low volume programs into 1 billion+ High volume production.

Supply Chain Success

More products are using custom metal stamping from the U.S., and your supply chain will get leaner and cheaper by using these innovations to find a single stamping partner. On-shore your production for savings at home plus guaranteed deliveries abroad.

Every supply chain win means more savings for your business, so pick a trusted international metal stamping company to cut the shipping and tooling costs for everything you make.

Contact K S Tooling, Inc. to get started today!

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