Turnkey Automation Systems

We recently completed an automated dual camera vision inspection system for one of our clients. It will increase their throughput by close to 2x what their current system is capable of. This is a unique project in that it does not involve a stamping operation, and marks the start of an exciting new chapter for KS Tooling. In the past we’ve built a few automation cells for our clients, but now we’re moving into providing entire automation systems. This won’t become a peripheral part of our business, but rather one of our core competencies.

KS Tooling Automation System

The decision to provide complete automation systems was born out of our own internal operations. We started out designing and building automation systems for ourselves. After seeing the many benefits of automation firsthand and refining our skills, we realized that we could provide this valuable service to our clients.

The Benefits of Automation Systems

The benefits of automation are countless. With automation systems in place manufacturers can increase speed and quality. Perhaps most importantly, automation allows for more accurate planning. Machines perform at consistent rates, and turn out products of a consistent quality. By reducing human labor touch points, variation is minimized. This allows for a clearer view of both upstream and downstream operations, allowing manufacturers to create more concrete and predictive production schedules.

Some of our other automation projects include Cartesian robots for pick and place applications, and automatic packagers that run in line with conventional standing operations. Whatever application you’re looking to automate, look no further than KS Tooling for your turnkey automated solution.

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  1. jim smith says:

    Sounds great.

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