Partnering with K S Tooling

Last year we added a Cartesian robot to our production line to package and inspect our products. While we were integrating the robot into our line we were able to maintain production speed without having to slow down or stop. With it we were able to increase throughout and improve the quality of our parts. Before we added the Cartesian robot we were producing parts in bulk, taking them out, inspecting them and placing them in thermoformed trays. Now the parts are produced, inspected and packaged without interference.

The most impressive part about the addition of this robot was that it contributed to a 43% cost savings. The most unique part is that none of the cost of the robot was passed on to our customers. Typically, when a company adds a machine like this their customers foot the bill. Most of the time, those customers will only see a portion of that cost savings until the robot is paid for, then they’ll reap the full benefits. We made the investment, and passed on the full savings to our customers right away.

More than just savings, our customers gained time. The Cartesian robot sped up our process considerably, allowing us to produce much more product in the same time it had taken us to produce much less. This allowed our customers to expand their market share, knowing they could place larger orders with us. Larger orders means lower costs, all thanks to the economies of scale. And lower costs for our customer means lower costs for their customers, another factor that’s very useful in increasing market share.

All of this comes down to one point: We pride ourselves on the partnerships we forge with our customers, and we do everything we can to help them get the most out of their product and their business.

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