Screw Machining vs. Stamping

Lately, in an effort to reduce costs, we’ve seen many of our clients converting conventional screw machined parts into stampings. While stamping has a much higher entry cost than screw machining, the piece price is much lower. For this reason, moving from screw machining to stamping results in a significant cost reduction over time, hence the popularity of making the switch.

Stamping vs. Screw Machining

Due to the fact that it costs less, stamping has garnered the stigma of being a “cheaper” process. This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s very little, if any, sacrifice in precision and product quality when the change is made from screw machining to stamping. In fact, with a proper design, some stamped parts actually perform better than turned parts.

KS Tooling Stamping System

At KS Tooling we’re experienced in all aspects of the process, from performing the necessary part conversion to constructing the highest quality stamping dies. When designing and building a stamping die, we make it our business to meet, if not exceed, the quality of the screw machined parts.  In fact, we just completed the largest stamped pin and socket we’ve ever quoted.  This program helped a manufacturer of large scale pin and socket connectors move from screw machining to stamping. We’re excited to help your business make the switch.

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