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KS Tooling Vision System

A few weeks ago we attended the ALA Vision show. The show covers the latest in vision inspection equipment. We already use vision inspection technology in our facility, increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes and the quality of our parts. We attended the show looking to scale up our already robust in-house vision strategy.

The KS Tooling Difference

The products we produce here at KS Tooling are small, and require a high attention to detail. Our vision technology allows us to check each part that we make at high speed. The second we make a bad part, we shut off the process and address the issue. What this means is faster turnaround times and lower costs for our clients. Your project will never be held up because we realized halfway through the manufacturing process that there was a problem with the parts. And you’ll know that every part you receive is made exactly to your specifications.

We’ve been using and upgrading our vision inspection equipment for more than 10 years. The new technology we saw at ALA Vision is capable of surface inspecting parts down to the sub 10 micron level, without sacrificing much in terms of speed. Also noted were the advancements in “Smart Camera” Technology.  New monochromatic Smart Cameras can support 5 megapixels, and run a detailed program in less than 50 milliseconds. Our intention is to scale up with smart camera technology those applications not requiring multiple vision tools.

When you work with KS Tooling, you can be confident of two things: we’re at the top of our field and we’re truly committed to continual improvement.

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