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Automotive Stamping & Automotive Connectors

Save On Production Costs With Automotive Stamping

What do you want in an automotive stamping supplier?

K S Tooling, Inc. is among the best automotive metal stamping companies in the U.S. due to our commitment to quality and exceptional customer service. We are committed to meeting all of the quality, time and cost goals in every stamping market that we serve. Because of our dedication to quality and efficiency, you can get to market faster and save money as you increase production to meet growing orders.

But we're not just a U.S. automotive stamping company - we offer delivery to 13 countries every day. You can count on us to work with you and your supply chain partners to improve logistics and get the right parts, dies and tools to you, no matter where you're working now or where the next job takes you.

K S Tooling, Inc. can work with you to design, develop and manufacture automotive metal stampings for your specifications and any application. From hazardous situations and special requirements, we have the expertise to meet your capacity and production schedules.

Partner Smart to Save

Pick a partner that will help you scale and reduce your precision automotive stamping and machining costs. At K S Tooling, Inc., we pass raw material, multiple die and other savings right on to you. Any improvements we make to our line of precision stamping for the automotive industry will never cost you a dime - but you'll get the benefits and cost reductions that a state-of-the-art production line can deliver.

You'll receive access to our top-of-the-line automotive metal stamping capabilities. At K S Tooling, Inc., we know that your company's continued operations rely on top parts and structurally sound automotive stamping. We're the only automotive stamping company you'll need for metal stamping on aluminum, brass, bronze, cold-rolled steel, copper and more.

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Save Time and Money With a Certified, Experienced Automotive Stamping Company

The next generation of high-quality and energy-efficient automotive parts has arrived. K S Tooling, Inc. takes pride in being one of the most experienced and dedicated automotive connector manufacturers in the U.S. Our extensive focus on connectors means you'll get quality and efficiency that can help you save money as you grow production to fill increasing orders.

Whether your automotive connectors need to house a single system or more than 100 wires, K S Tooling, Inc. is your go-to source for reliable protection. Guard against the old concern of connectors leading to electrical problems by investing in top tooled products that:

  • Allow for a full seal against moisture.
  • Provide the best in electrical contact for your vehicles.
  • Feature corrosion-proof finishes that stand up even in extreme environments.

Your design and orders will receive thorough testing to ensure they meet the rigors of your industry. Complete mating is an important aspect of K S Tooling, Inc.'s automotive connector process, and our assembly line checks will provide you with total peace of mind.

When you partner with a quality automotive connector manufacturer, you'll expand your operations into new areas that require improved systems, waterproof connectors and replacements as you upgrade your fleet.

One-Stop Automotive Connector Manufacturer

Automotive connectors serve as a vehicle's neural network, connecting every piece properly to the modern electrical and computer systems that keep you and your clients safe on the road and on the job site. That means quality is concern number one.

Meet all of your quality and precision manufacturing needs by selecting K S Tooling, Inc. as your automotive connector manufacturing partner. We'll serve every aspect of your automotive needs, including:

  • Powertrain: From single-row connectors to hybrid and modular multilayer systems that meet the rigors of the road, we can do it all. Ask about custom development for specialized automotive connectors and sensors to sharpen your vehicle's edge.

  • Sensor Interconnects: Stay in the lead of the "smart" car movement that focuses on sensor data processing to deliver the best in comfort, entertainment and safety. Our automotive connectors allow you to safely support the collection and analysis of this information plus meet new demands for upcoming communications between vehicles and the road or each other.

  • Low-Flow Connections: Space meets reliability in K S Tooling, Inc.'s automotive connectors for single and multiple low-current circuits designed for vehicle interiors. Low-profile design trends allow you to save space, while reliable tooling and production means you won't risk safety or security when moving multiple circuits to single terminals.

  • In-Car Entertainment: Our work with high-caliber data networks has come to the automotive industry. We blend experience with innovation for high-speed data bus systems that result in Ethernet, USB and other standard nodes. It's the shielding that vehicles need to operate the information and entertainment systems customers demand.

  • Specialty Connectors: Standard OEM automotive electrical connectors can face limitations in durability, connection density and support for new technologies. Get the right automotive electrical connectors for your unique needs with custom development and smart acquisition.

Come with a problem and leave with a solution. From industry-standard unsealed and sealed connectors to specific applications to support innovative information and entertainment systems, K S Tooling, Inc. will deliver a competitive advantage as your automotive connector manufacturer.

Experienced Automotive Connector Manufacturer

KS Tooling, Inc. capabilities include many of the major OEM automotive electrical connectors to support your work in a wide variety of environments and equipment. K S Tooling, Inc. works with you to realize your own connectors that are developed in-house.

Contact us with your special system needs, and find the right automotive connectors with large, small or custom-shaped terminal casing. We'll help you find what you need whether you're stacking multiple low-current circuits in the interior, or you're looking for high-performance support that can exceed USCAR-2 criteria for legacy equipment.

K S Tooling, Inc. Benefits

We design, build, and run automated production lines that include stamping, assembly, inspection, and packaging all within one workcell that are produced from raw materials and finished packaged without ever being touched by a human hand. You can be confident knowing you're investing your money into high-quality parts that you won't need to recall or replace.

Get a leg up on your competition by using some of the K S Tooling Inc. services that our competitors can't touch. The First To Market service, our most popular tooling platform, helps you quickly ramp up production and generate savings, because you'll only have to purchase the product-specific internal tooling. Additionally, this program includes perpetual maintenance to help you continually save on production costs.

K S Tooling, Inc. customers have saved more than $4 million to date thanks to the First to Market platform.

Parts Manufacturing and Assembly

Time to market is essential for anyone in the automotive industry, especially in the production of parts for Next Generation Hybrid technology and energy-efficient transmissions. K S Tooling, Inc. provides quality, precision-made parts that adhere to the most rigorous requirements for manufacturing automotive body parts.

Automotive metal stampings can cover all aspects of the vehicles we're familiar with for the road, construction sites and many more operations. These are all mission-critical elements and need to deliver the utmost in quality so your operators and customers are always safe. As a top PA automotive stamping company, K S Tooling, Inc. provides quality checks in every tool, die, production line and part that our customers order.

Let us be one of your preferred automotive stamping companies by delivering parts that will stand up to all NHTSA specifications and regulations.

Rapid Development

K S Tooling, Inc. is one of the few automotive stamping companies that provides rapid prototyping across a range of specifications and use cases. As a leader in Pennsylvania, we'll help you make adjustments during your existing production cycle or test out replacement options before your next cycle begins.

Automotive metal stamping no longer needs to be a process that delays your existing product development. When you work with K S Tooling, Inc., you'll receive assistance during every prototyping step - from CAD design development through testing and production of final automotive stamping equipment that's ready to insert into your production line.

ISO and TS Certification

The TS 16949:2009 certification is recognized and internationally-preferred by major automotive manufacturers and the International Automotive Task Force. That's why, in addition to being ISO-certified, we're also TS 16949:2009 certified as well. With this certification, you can trust that all of the parts and products we make for vehicles will exceed any common commercial product standards.

For automotive metal stamping, you can expect a consistent process that reduces waste, supports quality management systems, and has a high standard of preventing common defects. Don't settle for just detection - you need an automotive stamping company that works hard to remove defects from your line.

When you work with KS Tooling, Inc., you'll get the OEM automotive electrical connectors standards you demand at a price point you can afford. We'll find, produce or replace the automotive connectors you need and ensure they're the right parts for the job.

Remove the stress of unusable parts and production delays by putting your faith in us. Our commitment to quality and certifications mean you can trust all of the parts and products we make for any automotive purpose.

K S Tooling, Inc. doesn't just meet industry standards, we exceed them.

TS 16949:2009 is the highest certification available for the work we do, and K S Tooling, Inc. will always be up-to-date as a provider of high-quality automotive stampings in Pennsylvania.

Made in America

Even though we perform our automotive stampings in Pennsylvania, K S Tooling, Inc. serves a global market. All of our dies and custom metal stampings can be shipped across the globe. Trust that your parts and products are made in America and adhere to the exceptional standards present in our country.

Keep your supply chain nimble with low-cost, low-distance shipping across multiple lanes and modes, but always closer to your front door. We're one of the top automotive stamping manufacturers in the United States - you'll never miss out by staying close to home.

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In a competitive industry, saving on both time and production costs is crucial. Both are saved when you're getting high-quality precision automotive stamping tools. By partnering with K S Tooling, Inc., you'll reduce your time-to-market and establish new innovations of your own.

Gain market share and compete on a global scale by making smart business decisions including the selection of K S Tooling, Inc. as one of your automotive stamping companies.

Don't suffer any more pitfalls from long production cycles, faulty designs and recalls, or hiccups that push back your manufacturing and delay order fulfillment. K S Tooling, Inc. understands the competitive nature of the automotive industry, so we encourage you to pick a partner that understands your niche and works diligently to provide you with reliable precision stamping for the automotive industry.

Contact K S Tooling, Inc. today and learn how we can save you both time and money.

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