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Precision Metal Stamping

Component Level Production

From life-saving EpiPens and intricate timepieces to Hybrid vehicles and Airbag sensors, K S Tooling, Inc. is dedicated to providing a wide variety of innovative production solutions to some of the world's most advanced products. For over 25 Years, K S Tooling, Inc. has been providing a clear precision metal stamping advantage to small, medium and large scale OEM's. What advantage can K S Tooling, Inc. offer you?

precision metal stamping

Precision Metal Stamping Company

Complex, high-precision and customized metal stamping is what we do every day at K S Tooling, Inc. With multiple production lines and daily delivery to 13 countries, we offer all you'll need.

Reduce frustration and in-house hassle by working with the K S Tooling, Inc. team to streamline and simplify your precision metal stamping processes and overall parts production. You can further this savings when you use our line of complementary services in design, inspection, packing and shipping.

Give yourself peace of mind by picking a partner who meets your industry standards while also adhering to government guidance such as FDA compliance. Whether you need to meet submission standards on prototypes or production standards for your market, our precision metal stamping option is a perfect fit for your needs.

Join our many specialized customers in the medical industry, automotive industry and more, and let our tooling and metal stamping equipment speed up your production and save you money as your orders increase.

Whether you need intricate automotive connectors or life-saving medical devices, K S Tooling, Inc. brings full commitment to quality assurance and efficiency to every product we make.


K S Tooling, Inc. specializes in high-volume precision metal stamping capabilities in PA. You'll benefit from substantial cost savings through our innovation and Six Sigma approach. Our professional staff can meet your needs whether we're operating as one of your precision metal stamping suppliers, providing toolmaking services or delivering a complete product right to your door.


We continually strive to be an industry leader in precision metal stamping. Our dedication to quality and customer service has allowed us to meet the unique needs of customers in several markets.

high-volume metal stamping

K S Tooling, Inc. can meet the needs of our customers from the dental and medical markets to our automotive, aerospace and defense partners. We deliver high-quality craftsmanship every time, whether you need a low-volume or high-volume precision metal stamping in the

Single-Source Services

Our precision manufacturing process allows K S Tooling, Inc. to be your single location for all of your product-creation needs. With coverage from precision metal stamping for prototyping through stamping and dies for full-fledged production, you've got a partner during all stages of development. We offer solutions to eliminate wasteful costs.

We also offer over molding and precision injection molding services to ensure that K S Tooling, Inc. is fully capable of being your single-source partner.

Let us manage your flow of goods and raw materials. You can count on us to move them through full final product delivery to you, with delivery options all over the world. Earn your spot as the first-to-market by selecting the right partner for your precision metal stamping and high-quality, high-yield manufacturing.

Certified Smart. Certified Right.

KS Tooling, Inc. is a leading, certified provider of precision metal stamping in PA. Our commitment to the industry includes achieving ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 certifications for the design of progressive dies, production of custom precision metal stampings, and assemblies. Our precision metal manufacturing process is engineered to prevent defects and reduce variations, so you have less waste in your supply chain.

Run a leaner operation by picking a certified precision metal stamping manufacturer that helps you cut costs. Let us help you develop a quality product that gives you a competitive advantage.

Partners, Not Just Providers

K S Tooling, Inc. is a leader for precision metal stampings in PA, turnkey automation systems and beyond, and we'll bring our expertise to your specific business situation. As part of our commitment to your supply chain, perpetual maintenance is included in our work - whether we're delivering a few thousand or over a billion parts. We've saved our customers more than $4,000,000 to date.

K S Tooling, Inc. can bring our precision metal stamping manufacturing expertise to any OEM. We'll align our production to your goals and performance measures.

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